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OCD Sanitiser – 5 Litre

5L Concentrate | Cleaner Disinfectant



OCD Sanitiser kills bacteria that cause bad odours and leaves behind a beautiful, clean and invigorating fragrance. Multi-purpose cleaning for all hard surfaces with germ killing benefits! Winning!


Surface Cleaning: For all surface cleaning purposes add 1 x pump (15mL) in a 500mL spray bottle and fill with water. Simply spray and wipe with an absorbent cloth.

Deodorising + Sanitising: Sanitise and deodorise surfaces directly or by spraying into the air as needed. Floors: For all floor cleaning use 2 x pumps (30mL) in a bucket of water for daily maintenance. 4 x pumps (60mL) for heavy soils. Mop the area and remove any excess moisture and allow to air dry.