About Us

A fresh look at hygiene

TLC is an Australian owned and operated business. TLC cleaning chemicals are also made in Australia and we value the importanceof offering our customers with Australian Made solutions for their business.


Meet the team!

Shane Richards


Shane Richards has first-hand experience in owning a commercial cleaning and building maintenance company and understands the importance of cost-effective, high-performing and 'green' cleaning products is to small, medium and large businesses. With over 17 years experience in product development, Shane could see a place in the market to create something that had a unique value proposition and provided customers a reason to feel good about purchasing and using.

Mark Richards


Mark Richards has over 30 years retail management experience and understands the commercial impact managing clean standards can have on a bottom line. Owning a commercial cleaning and building maintenance company, Mark has developed an intimate understanding of what efficiencies can be made when using cleaning products that perform well and are easy for people to use. Not only products that are easy to use, but are a joy to use, from the look, application and smell.

Renee Litonjua


Renee Litonjua has over 10 years experience in product marketing, development and sales and is responsible for delivering channel marketing strategy and support. Renee understands the importance of creating a compelling product range that captures the attention of the consumer, coupled with a seamless and exciting user experience. "Developing products that look good, as well as deliver purpose and function in everyday life, is the key to success."